A quarterly publication and on-line information service on cost & quality issues in orthopedics

Subject Date Article
Patient Problems April 1994 Time of Hospital Admissions (see page 5)
April 1995 TMJ (Temporomandibular joints)
April 2002 Hip Fractures: The basics
April 2011 Trauma: Each part tells a story
April 2017 Why people break their bones (see page 3)
Technology October 2005 Anatomy of a pedicle screw
January 2006 Technological Innovation?
April 2007 Locking screws (see page 13)
January 2008 510k's vs. PMA's
October 2008 Neuromonitoring
January 2015 Sports medicine
April 2017 Biologics and Spinal Fusion
July 2017 Robotics in Orthopedics
April 2018 Tibial extension stems in primary knees
Economics January 1992 Implant prices & Hospital reimbursement
January 1995 Do you have a "son of surgeon" problem?
April 1996 The AAOS Annual Meeting
October 1997 GPOs should revisit their mission
July 2002 Surgeons should make more than sales people
January 2003 Wall Streets role in higher prices
July 2003 US vs. non-US implant prices
July 2006 Medical Device cost vs. Medicare payment
April 2008 Benchmarks vs. Average Selling Prices (ASPs)
July 2009 Orthopedics' "$600 Toilet Seat"
April 2011 Instrument costs in trauma
April 2011 Waste in orthopedics
Litigation/Jurisprudence October 1995 Osteonics $57.5 patent infringement judgement
October 1999 Spine litigation (see page 9)
January 2004 Spine industry gets to clean house
October 2004 Gary Michelson's litigation against Medtronic
April 2005 Michelson update
October 2005 Spine industry and jurisprudence (2005)
April 2006 Guidant's litigation against consulting firm
October 2006 Spine industry and jurisprudence (2006)
January 2007 Medical device companies fight against pricing transparency
October 2011 Spine industry and jurisprudence (2011 edition) (see page 6)
January 2013 An overview of intellectual property
October 2014 "Neuroprudence" (see page 6)
Registries April 1992 Time for an Implant Registry
October 1993 A Closer Look at Revisions
April 2003 Seminar address registries
April 2009 Joint registries
Data April 1999 Orthopedic Network News goes on-line
July 2007 Part numbers
January 2014 HIPAA's "Cone of Silence"